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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Jobs in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Consultant Specialist Doctor 2013-2014

Jobs Recruitment 2013-2014 Notice

Sultan Qaboos University
Sultanate of Oman
Sultan Quboos University Hospital is a government institution and a teaching hospital.
Please visit our website for Job Vacancies in SQU Hospital.
1. Consultant For Paediatric Respirology
2. Senior Specialist For Paediatric Respirology
3. Consultant For Paediatric Gastroenterologist
4. Senior Specialist For Paediatric Gastroenterologist 
5. Consultant Interventional Pediatric Cardiologist
6. Senior Specialist Pediatric Cardiologist
7. Senior Specialist Pediatric Rheumatology
8. Senior Specialist Pediatric Rheumatology
9. Senior Peadiatric Cardiac Technologist
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